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iMacros Script to upload daily Ul2 JP Ans Jackpot Answers to EH
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iMacros : Script to upload Ul2 JP Ans - ULtoo Jackpot Answers - to EH

Some members are still using Ultoo.
It needs Jackpot Answers on a daily basis.
Any member is free to upload the answers when they collect the JP Answers.


Here is the small iMacros Script to upload the daily Jackpot Answers to EH :
#1. Install the iMacro addon/Extension for FireFox/Chrome

#2. Download the Script file or Copy the code

#3. Remove the .txt extension
-- You can Save it as any name you want.
-- but make sure it ends in .iim extension

#4. Change the Jackpot Answer folder location in the script

#5. Run the Script when you want to upload the JP Answers.

If you are too lazy to Upload the JP Answers, Then I've provided automation for that too :
#1. Remove the comments from Automatic Login
#2. Insert you ID/Pass of EH account.
#3. Remove the comments from Automatic Logout

This will Automate the whole process :
#1. Login to EH,
#2. UPload the JP Ans,
#3. LogOut

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Thanks given by: ||~Black_Cracker~||

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