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Open Advanced Hidden Menu Options with Right Click in Windows 7
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Normally when we right click on a folder or file brings up a context-sensitive menu, but that menu doesn't show the Content Hidden Please Login or Register To gain Full Access. When you Hold down the Shift key when you right-click we can find hidden but useful commands like copy as path or open in new process or expanding the Send To options.
[Image: Advanced_RightClick_Options.jpg]

Below are some of the useful hidden menu options:

1. Open in new Process:

You wouldn't use this option more often unless you have frequent crashing problems , but what this does is open a separate process for that object (i.e., a new instance of the object in a different part of your computer's memory). So if for example, your browser is crashing for a lot of times, you can open it in a new process and if the first instance crashes your second instance won't be affected by it.

2. Pin to start:

This option as the name suggests will pin(add) your frequently used programs onto your windows Start Menu

3. Open a Command Window:

This is a quickway to open Command Prompt in Windows by just clicking Right Click along with shift and select opening the Open Command Window Here.

4. Send to Menu Expansion:

The same way of Shift+Right Click will enhance and open up the hidden menu options for Send to Menu as well so that you can directly send to Dropbox Folder,Contacts, My Pictures, My Videos,Games, etc... :D

*** If you want any of those to show up normally without holding down the Shift key, you can create shortcuts in the Send To folder. Just type the following into the location bar ;)

Content Hidden Please Login or Register To gain Full Access
[Image: Sento-Folder.png]

And then Copy Paste shortcuts into this sendto folder


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Indeed a  Nice post!!!!!

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