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Hurray I'm Banned !!
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Hurray I'm Banned !!

Today I observe that I"m shown as banned .
But I can posts in new/old threads.

[Image: screenshot_289.jpg]

Some other members too are shown so.

[Image: screenshot_290.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_291.jpg]

Could it be some issue with the EH-BOT

Thanks given by: dharmesh88 , Micky_V!Ru$

Thanks for Update HappyHarry Brother ...

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I got this error one time today.

But after relogging in the site, it automatically got fixed.

[Image: screenshot_219.jpg]

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(10-21-2015, 07:13 AM)HappyHarry Wrote:  Content Hidden Please Login or Register To gain Full Access
Haha you were banned Grimace even there is no admin live Haha

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