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Desktop App to Turn Monitor Off-Torcher your enemy
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Trick : Desktop App to Torcher enemy by Turning his Display Off

World is full of many things.
Some things are good, some things are bad.
Sometimes bad things give good result.
and Sometimes, good things can give bad results.

Today I'll give you a hint about one such good thing that can give very nasty & very irritating result.

Normally most of the Laptops/notebooks come with inbuilt dimness adjusting s/w. You just need to press some key combination for it.
DeskTop PCs normally don't get this provision .
But Why ??
Because the Monitors - CRT/LCD - have separate/dedicated buttons (on the monitor itself) for doing the work.
Whereas in Laptops there is no dedicated button for it.

BUT there were no dedicated s/w to Switch Off
the Display Screen at will.
Today I'll show you some s/w which can do it.

Using this concept, I'll give you a hint as to how you can torcher any of your friend or enemy.

You'll need the below s/w to do it by Pasting it on your enemy's PC and executing it.

Just get it executed on the enemy's Window's PC.
-- How you'd do it may depend on you.
The Display Screen will Switch off .
Even if mouse is shaken, or keyboard keys are hit, the display will appear for 1 sec or so and again switch off.
Without the Display Screen "ON", not many people can work on a PC.
It will be a nightmare for him/her .

It is not a virus. So Nothing to worry about AntiVirus alerts.
No files deleted, No harm done. Just pure frustration.
Restart the PC (if you/your enemy can't overcome the problem) & everything will be set normal.

I was trying to test the s/w and faced the above problem. It took me hell lot of agony and some brains to overcome the problem.
have tested

Name/Size : MonitOff (205 KB) :
Run : Double Click
-- Put it in Windows StartUp folder if you want it to run on your enemy PC at boot time
My Testing : Successfully frustrating - on Desktop (Win XP) with CRT Monitor


Jokes apart , If somebody really needs such a s/w for their daily use
They can download the proper working desktop App.

Name/Size : PushMonitOff (205 KB) :
Execution : Double Click to start.
Activate : Press Shift-F1 to turn the monitor off.
Deactivate : Shake Mouse or press any key on KeyBoard
My Testing : Successfully working
---- On Lenovo Laptop (Win 7)
---- On Desktop (Win XP) with CRT Monitor

Download Link:
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