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EH Forum Rules & Regulations

Every Member of the Forum are Advised to follow the Rules and Regulations for smooth running of the forum

1) We at EH allways welcome Discussions and ofcourse they add a value to any community, but please don't be argumentative, and let the Discussions be healthy

2) We really dont encourage one word replies, infact they add nothing to discussions so members are advised not to use one word replies like "thanks", "ok", "yes" etc in their posts. If u have nothing to say its better to be calm.

3) Members are advised to Restrict their avatar dimensions to 100*100 and size should be <500kb ( although we have a system to prevent this )

4) Never keep your signature over sized it looks ugly for the people browsing through your topic or post and effects page load speed we recommend to use Max 500 wide and 200 high.

5) EH is English speaking community, so use proper English while posting topics or replying to threads.

6) Everyone has their own opinions and thoughts, Others should respect them. If you can't do that keep away. We dont encourage such people.

7) We at EH forum are strict against spammers. If we find anybody spamming they will receive warning initially. If he/she continues to spam then thier account and IP gets banned completely.

8) Dont Use a hell lot of Smilies in a Single post. It looks ditracting for the people reading it. We recommend to use at a max 10 smiles.

9) No harrasment should be made on any member of the forum either through PM or Email. Since we have a report report PM to admin is active you can report us immediately, we will take action on them asap.

10) EH has strict policies and doesn't encourage Pornography, Come on, you'd have to be a fool not to know that google can be your friend to some smashing pornography, but this is not a pornography board, some people even find it objectionable, let's be nice here, post about lovely stuff here.

11) We at EH respect Members privacy, and Members are prohibited to post address,phone numbers, and other information related to other user's/his/her any where on the forum without the permission of the owner.

12) Don't ever beg for reputation in any of the threads, If other members really like your post they definitely gonna add reps to you. You can ask members to rep if they like your post in polite way. If the members are found begging for reps, they will be warned initially and it may lead to account suspension. In addition to that you should never ask for reps in PM and shoutbox, it may lead to permanent ban. Thread initiator can ask for rep or thanks in his first post only

13) Don't Post only referral links when you post a thread or post, the referral link should be accompanied by the non referral link compulsorily or else your thread or post may be deleted

14) Do not attempt to infect members with Trojans, viruses by giving them files which are infected with viruses. So, before exchanging files, scan with your Antivirus and then exchange. You need to have mutual understanding between yourself. Admins can’t help you in every silly thing.

15) No multiple accounts are allowed, any such accounts detected will be permanently banned and there will be an IP ban implemented.

16) Don't use linkbucks, adfly, bitly or any other ad links in the forum links.  

17) Articles in threads can be copy pasted but make sure you present them neatly and colorfully. direct ctrl+c and ctrl+v not allowed and your threads may even be deleted if they are not presented well

18) All the Bots Posted should have a virus scan report grom or other sites which can scan your files without which your bots will not be approved.

Newly Added Rules: Applicable only for "Computer and Internet Tips & Tricks section

1. Unique Content : The Thread posted should have unique content, which means strictly not copy pasted from any other sites. Instead explore on the topic you are going to post and gather information from different sites and then write the thread in your own words making the thread completely unique and informative.

Title : Title also known as subject of the thread should be meaningful to the content posted and should contain atleast 8-15 words.

Thread Body : The thread body, also called as the main portion of information should be having atleast 100 informative words excluding links and Intros.

Images : The images posted in EH should be first saved to your PC and then uploaded to some image uploading sites or or any other such sites and that link is to be used in the thread.

** EH Team Has Full Rights to Change Rules Anytime تصویر: images/smiles1/electric_shock.png


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